Seba​​​​​​stian Modern Cat Tree Review

In this Sebastian Modern cat tree review, I will talk about the product in great detail. From the start, I want to let you know that the Sebastian 67 inches Modern cat tree is one of the most stylish, cool and elegant products in the cat tree supply industry.

Your indoors will be blessed once the product is assembled. The great thing about this tree is that it serves as a normal furniture. It has places for your books, vases or anything decorative you place in your normal shelves.

Visitors won't even notice that the purpose of that particular furniture is actually a cat tree. Forget about all of those cat trees for limited spaces. This will save you the most amount of space if you place it as a bookshelf.

It comes in two classic color designs : White and Black. It is up to you to choose which one will blend in your household the most. If you ask me, you can't go wrong with neither of them.

I must compliment the designer team of Designer Pet Products. They did an excellent job creating the stunning looks of this luxurious sturdy wooden cat tower. Not only it is aesthetic, but it is also built to last you for a long time.

The product arrives in a huge weighty box. It doesn't come fully assembled like some of the cat trees. However, the assembly process is a piece of cake. I will talk about it later.

In the box, each and every wooden part was securely packed in plastic bubble wraps. On top of the bubble wrap, there was a styrofoam wrap. There wasn't any damage to the parts at all.

They came in perfectly secured like a premium cat tree furniture should be. Each of the particle boards are broad, which results in excellent sturdiness and toughness. The Lotus cat tree is this product's biggest competitor.

Now it is time to talk about the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree Review in more of a pet supply product's perspective.

  • 6 Tier Cat Tree - There are six different levels that your cats will find amusing. Each level provides your cat an excellent climbing and scratching environment. Your cat will constantly be entertained and all of it's primal instincts can be performed on it. It will be able to jump up and down, climb up the tree and even scratch on the sisal pads. Some customers don't like the rough corners of the tree. However, after a year of use, my cats didn't get poked by them in any way. This is an ideal cat tree for felines without claws.
  • Giant Cat Condo - There is an extremely big cat house on the second floor of the Sebastian Modern cat tree. It is not a separate piece on the tree. There is a entrance hole that is 7.5 inches wide and 8 inches high. It is big enough for bigger cats to safely enter and exit the condo. The insides of that condo are carpeted on the insides. It is an ideal place for your lovely felines to sleep and relax in. Some of them love to hide inside it, in order to play games with the other pets at home.

Features And Specifications

  • Huge sisal scratching pad on the first level
  • There is an ultra soft carpet on the second and fourth floor, perfect for winding down
  • Can be used as a shelve or a bookshelf
  • Unique looks will enhance the looks of your indoors
  • Huge cat tree perfect for two adult cats or more
  • The paint used lasts a long time, is shiny and non-toxic
  • Cat condo can accommodate huge cats
  • Extremely stable thanks to the smart construction
  • Top notch, deluxe luxury wooden material gives the cat's paws a more realistic and natural feel

The Sebastian 67 in. Modern Cat Tree Dimensions

​How To Install

In this detailed Sebastian Modern cat tree review, I will talk about my installation experience, and how you can do the same. Don't get me wrong.

The installation manual is very plain and clear. You won't have any difficulties if you follow it properly. However, I think that I need to share my way of doing it.

First of all, the assembly process of the Sebastian 67 inch cat tree isn't hard at all. But, to be brutally honest with you, it is very boring. 

The only tools you need to set the product up is a simple drill. Putting all screws in place using your bare hands is possible, but the tree won't be stable at all.

One of the screws' inner nut didn't line up with the hole, so I had to use extensive amount of force to get it in place. All of the L-brackets installed perfectly without any issue at all. All of the plastic caps fit in perfectly. Although I decided to use a hammer to slightly tap them in.

I need to inform you that the stickers are extremely hard to remove. Don't try to remove them after you assemble the product up. You will have a great difficulty taking them off that way. Take off the stickers off of each piece before you do any assembling. You can do it by using a sharp and new razor blade. Scratching with the grain does the trick.

Once you assemble the product you will be surprised how tall it is. It isn't a floor to ceiling cat tree, but it is surprisingly big. If it starts to shake after a certain period of use, I'd recommend you re-tighten all of the screws and bolts.

Customer Scores

While I was writing this detailed Sebastian Modern cat tree review, I've stumbled upon 49 customer reviews. The users gave the product 3.6 out of 5.0 possible stars. That is not the most negative score, but at the same time isn't the most positive.

There were some niggling points raised about The Sebastian 67 inch Modern cat tree that I decided to share with you.

One customer said, "The product looks just like one of those IKEA cheap shelves". Another customer said, "It looks pretty to me, but my felines think that it is just OK". Other customer said, "The numbered ugly stickers on the boards were too many, and were very hard to take off". Another one said, "It is a great cat tree, but the price is just too much".

Those were some of the most critical Sebastian Modern cat tree reviews. Other customers didn't seem to have issues of this kind. Maybe those problems aren't widespread.

Others said, "Don't ever let that sticker problem stop you from buying this beautiful and sturdy cat tree" and "Extremely functional piece of furniture for absolutely any household. It can be used by multiple cats. It gives them a nice space to climb, jump or even hide in" and "It looks 100x times better than those ugly carpeted cat trees on the market" and "Once I've easily assembled this fancy and huge luxury cat tree, my cat has instantly became addicted to it!".

If you are a serious cat owner who loves to invest in the greatest cat related products, this is the cat tree for you. It will be a nice addition to your household, and your cats will fall in love with it instantly. It has multiple scratching pads that will stop your cat from scratching on your favorite and expensive furniture in your house. It assembles easily.

All you have to do is follow the installation manual and use my tips. For some the price tag may be a problem, but I would say that purchasing the Sebastian 67 inches modern cat tree will be an excellent investment. If you don't want to pay for this awesome product, you can get cheap cat trees for large cats, for less than $50

This concludes our Sebastian modern cat tree review.