BestPet Cat Tree Reviews

When it comes to cat trees, the BestPet pet supply company is one of the greatest out there. No matter how many cats your house accommodates, this company will get you covered. In this article, I will talk about BestPet cat tree reviews. What I like the most about the BestPet cat trees is that they are very affordable for the common cat owner. While they are not the most unique looking, they offer modern design, durability, sturdiness, and most importantly, cats love them! You may already know that the BestPet stylish trees are very simple to assembly. You won't need any additional tools to do this.

The BestPet cat tree brand offers cat trees with various sizes, depending on your needs. Not only this, but there are numerous colorways and materials that will decor every single household, giving it a luxury feel. If you have a giant cat and thinking that there won't be any suitable tree for your furry buddy, don't get concerned. There are giant cat trees with huge platforms that are designed for 3 cats or more. Those are the trees I will talk about in the text that follows.

The special design and structure makes the BestPet cat trees to be able to carry more weight. Contrary, there are small to medium trees that are narrow, and designed specially for small spaces. Back in the days, this wasn't realistic. Thanks to the constant innovations in the cat supply industry, we now have those cheap, fancy and natural cat tree condos. Let's stop the talking, and jump directly to the BestPet cat tree reviews.





BestPet Cat Tree Reviews

Sturdy Wood with Faux Fur

23.6" Long x 23.6" Wide x 78.7" Tall

Cat Trees Under $60

bestpet cat tree review

E1 Grade Pressed Wood

24" Long x 22" Wide x 73" Tall

Wood with Faux Fleece

15.8" Long x 15.8" Wide x 53.2" Tall

Wood with Faux Fleece

26" Long x 20" Wide x 64" Tall

Pressed Wood with Faux Fur Board

18.1" Long x 18.1" Wide x 59.1" Tall

Cat Trees Under $50

Pressed Wood With Faux Fur

20" Long x 20 Wide x 57" Tall

BestPet 80" Premium Extra Large Cat Tree Review

The BestPet 80 inch premium XL cat tree is an affordable solution for your cat's boredom. The things that this high tree offers for the price are amazing. There are two colorways you can choose from. It may not seem much, but the beige colorway goes well with any decor.

It is a tough wooden tree that is carpeted with faux fur material. This is a powerful combination that offers both sturdiness and comfort. I'd recommend you get this fancy cat tree if your cats weigh no more than 40 pounds while they are on the tree. It can carry up to three big cats.

However, the platforms are not so wide, and that will be a problem if you have heavy and tall cats. If you have multiple cats that will use the BestPet 80" Premium extra large cat tree, I'd advice you to place into the corner, next to the wall. This will greatly add up to the stability aspect and you won't have any balance issues like other cat owners encountered.

  • 2 Cat Tree Condos -  Those two condos are a great hang-out place for your felines. Although the lower cat house is relatively small in size, it can be used by your kitten. It was actually designed for small kittens that couldn't climb up the scratchers. The higher condo is huge and can comfortably accommodate a giant, or even a fat cat. The carpeted and warm woolen house interiors will definitely be the go-to place, once your cats climb up and down the realistic cat tree.
  • Skyscraper Scratcher With Hammock - There are 3 cat scratchers that go upward from the cat tree's base. Your cats will stay occupied and entertained scraping those sisal scratchers. They are extended to the very top, and end with a high platform on top. On the middle of one of the posts, there is a comfortable carpeted hammock that your cats will love. They will see climbing up to the hammock as a challenge. Once they complete the challenge, they will reward themselves with a nice and warm relaxing sleep on it.

Features And Specifications

  • Hanging cat toys for entertainment purposes
  • Sisal rope hangs from the carpeted platform for exercise purposes
  • Tough and high quality plywood material
  • Two different sized condos for peacefulness
  • Excellent cat tree for Bengal cats
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Installs in less than 15 minutes

BestPet 80" Premium Extra Large Cat Tree Dimension


Customer Scores and Reviews

At the time of typing this BestPet cat tree review, I've noticed 912 customer reviews, that rated this product 4.0 out of 5.0 positive stars review. This rating means that some of the users weren't completely delighted with their purchase.

Let me state some of the negative reviews.

One customer said, "The material on the tower feels cheap. It is not perfect. But hey, this is an affordable cat tree and you can't go wrong with this one". Another one said, "The top perch is not wide enough for my cat". Another customer said, "After I assembled this product, I though it would be pretty stable by looking at it. However, after my fat cats jumped on it, it began shaking. I put it next to the wall and it fixed this problem".

Those were some of the most negative product reviews I've found on Others were proud for their purchase.

Customers said, "This was an excellent cat tree for small places. It doesn't take away huge amount of floor space" and "All of the five cats use this BestPet cat tree. Surprisingly, it still holds well after a year of use. It exceeded my expectations!" and "Very impressed with the purchase. Also the price is very nice too!" and "If you truly love your furry friends, give this awesome and stylish cat tree a go!".

This concludes our 80" inch Premium BestPet cat tree review. I truly recommend it to fellow cat owners.

BestPet CT-9073 73" Cat Tree Review

This is the infamous cat tree that received huge amount of praise and approvement among the cat owners community. There are multiple reasons why, but the one thing that stood out was the price. For such a low price you receive a great bang for your buck.

It is a 3 tier, 6 ft tree for big cats. It can even handle multiple fat cats on it. Not only this, but you can choose from three different colorways depending on your indoor circumstances. No matter if you have an old cat, or a few week old kitten, the two ladders are there to help those cats climb up the tree. It was so cute watching my 30 days old kitten climbing to the highest cat condo on top of the tree.

The kitten, now a beautiful cat from the Exotic Shorthair breed, called Garfield, was feeling so proud for that courageous act! Investing in this BestPet 73" cat tree will be the greatest thing you can do to boost your cat's confidence and mood.

  • High Quality Material -  The material used in this BestPet 73 inch cat tree is so luxury and tough. It offers high durability and no matter how furiously your cats scratch and damage the tree, it will hold proudly in place. The reason behind this is the E1 grade pressed wood. For such a cheap price, you receive stunning quality.
  • Sisal Rope Scratchers - The 4 scratchers that go all the way from the bottom to the top of the tree, are all covered with sisal rope. This material is perfect for scratching. It is not dense enough to damage the cat's paws, but at the same time it isn't fluffy and soft to break down after a short period of time. BestPet cat tree brand built an all-in-one product in this one. You won't have to spend your hard earned money buying scratching posts, houses and lounges separately.

Features And Specifications

  • Faux fur material cover on top of wood for added comfort
  • Four cat scratching posts covered with sisal rope material
  • Hanging cat toy for entertainment
  • 2 Ladders that are optimal for young kittens or elderly cats
  • Two cat condos with different dimensions
  • Comes with all the installation materials required
  • 3 Colorways go well with any interior
  • Great cat tree for Ragdolls

BestPet CT-9073 73" Cat Tree Dimensions

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was testing the BestPet 73" cat tree, I've stumbled across 1,134 customer reviews that gave this product 4.0 out of 5.0 stars rating. This is a highly satisfying number, but it also means that some users weren't pleased with what they bought.

Some of them said, "Once I received the BestPet 73 inch cat tree, I was disgusted by the smell! I contacted other cat owners who had the same tree. Surprisingly, they didn't encounter this." Another customer said, "The highest three perches don't have stoppers/outriggers that stop the cat from falling while it is rolling and playing around on it". Another one said, "The material used on this tree feels very thin and cheap".

Those were just a couple of the most critical customer reviews. Other people didn't have those same problems.

They said, "For 70 bucks I received everything I needed for my cat. The shipping is also free!" and "I totally approve this awesome tower condo for 3 cats. The value you receive is simply amazing" and "I used this sturdy wooden cat tower for 1 year, and it still holds perfectly" and "This is the cat condo from heaven! There are numerous activities your cats can do to stay entertained!".

All of these positive BestPet cat tree reviews, plus my pleasant experience with the product makes it easy for me to recommend it to other cat owners.

BestPet 57" Cat Tree Condo Review

This is an awesome 2 tier cat tree that is designed for your cats to sleep in, climb on, scratch on and explore. Once you assemble this product, you will see the difference in your cat's eyes.

This relatively small and custom tree will give your cat's a sense of purpose in their lives. It will be an excellent place for cat's workouts. I recommend this BestPet 57" cat tree condo for two cats. Although it is small, it offers almost everything your cat's need in a cat tree. It is perfect for cats in age and kittens. Also, it's a cheap cat tree for huge cats.
Surprisingly, it came in a relatively huge packaging box. I thought that is much bigger than I expected. Luckily, it didn't actually take a lot of space. I placed this in my living room without any problem. There is no need to hold it on the wall for extra stability. It is sturdy and tough enough on it's own.

  • Very Easy Installing Process - Installing this BestPet 57" cat tree was a piece of cake. I did it in under than 15 minutes. There is an Allen wrench in the package box, which aids during the assembly process. You won't need anything else other than a simple screwdriver for the ladder. The Bestpet cat tree instructions were plain and clean for you to follow.
  • Perfect For Small Cats - I won't recommend you purchase this cat tree for small places if you have a giant cat. Some customers noted a problem about the product's stability. It is not their fault. I think the product should be marketed differently. They should clearly state that this is a litter box exclusively for small cats. If you have kittens or older cats, the ramp will ease the entry.

Features And Specifications

  • Cylinder piece on top of the tree for optimal amusement
  • Comfortable hammock for relaxation
  • Scratching post with sisal rope that is replaceable, is perfect for scraping
  • Cat toy hanging from an elastic band for entertainment
  • Small cat house is perfect spot for a sleep after a tough day
  • Thick baseplate for great balance
  • High quality durable pressed wood with faux fur

BestPet 57" Cat Tree Condo Dimensions

Customer Scores and Reviews

While I was doing an analysis for this BestPet cat tree review, I stumbled on 292 user reviews that rated this awesome tree 3.5 out of 5.0 possible stars.

What this means is that couple of the customers weren't proud of their purchase.

Customers said, "My cat ripped the cat toy on the very first day" and "This product is tinier than I've expected. Also, the top platform and the cylinder are very small" and "The ladder doesn't hold up big weight. It is held together by one clamp".

This was just a part of the bigger number of negative reviews about the product.

Others said, "This was an excellent, sturdy tree for it's affordable price" and "BestPet 57" cat tree definitely saved my furniture. My cats are scratching on it, instead on the expensive furniture and walls" and "I still don't know whether this is good for adult cats, but it is perfect for my kitty!" and "My two cats love this product. They also like the scratchers a lot!".

This is the end of our BestPet cat tree reviews. I'd recommend the BestPet 57" cat tree for those cat owners who have an average sized or small cat. Otherwise, if you have a giant or even a fat cat, I won't recommend it at all.