​Simply Clean Litter Box Review

If you are looking for a Simply Clean Litter Box review, you are at the right place.

This is a completely new, modern and innovative automatic box. It is the most quiet self-sifting box you can find nowadays. Cats won't even notice that this is a fully automated, electric box.

Continue reading through the text and you will learn a lot of amazing stuff about the PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous clean litter box.

PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box Reviews

Reasons Why The Simply Clean Is a Great Innovation

There hasn't been any automatic litter box that used this principle of work. This unit uses a dense plastic litter bowl that has a circular shape. The motor works non-stop to clean the whole litter placed in the bowl.

It completes a full rotation in 60 minutes. I did a test on this, placing one piece of tape on the base, and another one on the bowl of the unit. After about a hour, those two pieces of tape were several millimeters apart. 

This rotational cleaning process doesn't make any noise. Your cat won't be disturbed by it. He will love using that litter box that is freshly cleaned 24/7.

Don't let the tiny, narrow space of the bowl fool you. It is a perfect litter box for multiple cats. Even three kittens can use this cat's favorite round mechanical box. The PetSafe Simply Clean litter box holds the number one spot as the most quiet automatic litter box on the market.

This means that this is a great litter box for older cats. In addition to the quietness, it has low sides with round edges. Elderly cats can enter and leave the box without any problem or pain. It is also a pretty narrow litter box, that doesn't take a lot of space.This is exactly what makes the Simply Clean litter box a versatile product for all cat's types.

You won't be bothered by 24/7 cleaning cycle noises. You don't need any special disposable bags, trays or bins.

This also makes it a lot easier on your wallet. The Simply Clean automatic sifting litter box, doesn't have any exposed moving parts,which helps you prevent injury of you and your cat. Unlike other automatic boxes who use rakes, safety here is guaranteed!

In this Simply Clean litter box review, you will learn more, about what makes this one of the most innovative boxes known to mankind.

​Benefits of Using The Simply Clean Automatic Box

You will benefit a lot once you have the Simple Clean self-cleaning litter box in your indoors. This new "toy" as cats like to categorize it, will make your and your cat's life more convenient.

Investing in this affordable product will be one of the most clever decisions you can make for your household. Let's talk about the benefits of using the Simple Clean automatic litter box:

Short List of Benefits

  • Save lots of time
  • Round bowl plastic is very easy to clean. Thanks to the round shape, no waste gets stuck in the corners
  • DC/AC Power adapter
  • You can use a simple grocery plastic bag for waste stacking. Forget about those expensive and fancy garbage bags that you need for the automatic litter box
  • You won't ever experience the boredom of manual scooping
  • 1 year warranty. The company can also send you replacement parts after this initial one year period
  • Suitable for two or more cats
  • Very easy to assemble. Doesn't need any tools other than your hands

​What Comes With The Product Package ?

Once you receive the Simply Clean self-cleaning clever litter box, you will be astonished by it's size. It will hardly fit the entrance door. Don't be scared of this. Every automatic litter box has huge boxes, just so it can hold in every part of the product.

First, you should take away the Simply Clean automatic litter box out of the box. Remove all of the excess materials that come with the box. Place the litter box on a flat surface for good visibility and stability. Take out each of the product's parts. This includes:

  • check
    Simply Clean Litter Box System
  • check
    Plastic Litter Guard
  • check
    Trash bin
  • check
  • check
    Low Voltage AC Adapter
  • check
    Installation/Operating Guide

​How To Install The PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box

How to install the petsafe simply clean litter box

After you take all of the installation parts outside of the box, it is ready to assemble the product. Follow this Simply Clean litter box review installation guide and you will install the product safely and in less than 10 minutes.

1. Remove the screws by hand, from the center of the litter bowl and the top of the conveyor system

2. Put the conveyor system in an upright position

3. The plastic litter guard has small plastic clips that should be attached to the bottom of the litter bowl. After you attach this, the notch of the litter guard should fit under the conveyor system.

4. Lower the conveyor to the starting position and tighten the 2 screws again

5. Lower the litter flap into a down position

6. Make sure the post in the litter cover aligns properly with the hole in the conveyor system. Align the conveyor cover with the conveyor system and snap it onto place

7. Place a simple grocery bag around the litter waste bin. Put it extra deep in the automatic box

8. Then, put in clumping litter inside of the bowl. There is a warning that you should use clumping litter exclusively. Otherwise you can hurt the motor. Do not overfill it with litter. There is a line that navigates you how much litter you should pour inside

9. Now it is time for the AC adapter. Plug it in an outlet and connect it to the automatic, electronic litter box.

That's it, the box is ready to go!

How Does The Simply Clean Litter Box Work ?

Before I start talking about how the PetSafe Simply Clean litter box works, I will tell you that I've used this product for over a year now.

It is an excellent self-cleaning litter box that maintains on its own very well. All you have to do is remove the waste bin, and throw the waste away, depending how often your felines use the box.

Some customer Simply Clean litter box reviews stated that they were bothered by the noise and litter box jamming. 

I personally didn't have any experience with this for over a year. You simply cannot hear this automatic litter box while it is operating. The reason why they did hear noise is because they are using cheap litter.

For top performance you should use any kind of clumping litter.

This litter box rotates non-stop repeatably, thanks to a conveyor belt. The belt acts as an escalator and scoops the waste from the round bowl. Then the waste moves up the "escalator" and falls directly in the trash bin. All you have to do is dispose the bin afterwards.

You don't actually need the trash bin. You can simply attach small grocery bags or trash bags in replacement of a trash bin. After you throw them in the trash, it is time to replace them with new bags. It is really this simple.

But, keep in mind that you must use clumping litter if you want this compact, sifting litter box to function as it is meant to.

​Advantages and Disadvantages of Simply Clean

I'll be perfectly honest with you. This is one of the best automatic litter boxes nowadays. The perfect innovation was the main factor for this.

But, in this Simply Clean litter box review, I will also state the disadvantages of using this product. Just like any other self cleaning litter box, there is some negative side of using the product.


  • Never get in touch with nasty litter. The self-cleaning system cleans the box completely on its own
  • Money saver. Doesn't need fancy equipment to dispose the waste
  • Installs fairly easily. Just follow the user friendly manual, and you are ready to go
  • Forget about bad smell occupying your indoors
  • Never get bothered by the loud and disturbing cleaning cycle, like other automatic boxes. You won't even notice the product is performing a cleaning cycle
  • Very affordable as a self cleaning box
  • Saves more litter than other self-scooping boxes
  • Throwing the waste is a piece of cake. All you have to do is remove the little plastic trash bin and throw the waste in the trash


  • There isn't a cover for optimal privacy
  • The litter guards are very small. I wouldn't prefer a large cat over 15 lbs use this product
  • Tray sometimes makes some ugly noises after a certain period of time
  • Some cats get scared of the constant litter cycling

Reach The Potential of PetSafe Simply Clean Box

In this Simply Clean litter box review I will provide you multiple tips you can use to maximize the potential of the litter box.

You won't get information like this on E-Commerce sites or in the local pet supply store. That is why you should feel lucky and grateful that you've stumbled across an informational site like this.

You will learn how to treat your cat like you have never imagined before. All of the information I am providing you here, is a result of a lifetime experience as a cat owner.

Plus the advice of many experienced cat lovers across the world. Let's cut the talking. Let me tell you some tips on how to make your cat's life in the Simply Clean automatic litter box even better.

How To Make The Cat Use The Box As Soon As Possible

If you want your cat to use the Simply Clean mechanical litter box as soon as possible you should do the following:

Put the new litter box next to the old and traditional box that your cat is used to using. But this time, avoid cleaning the old box at all costs. Let the waste stack up inside of it.

Cats love tidy and clean places. They will resent using that nasty and smelly place fast.

Once they see that fresh, decorative and modern litter box waiting for them, they will jump into it and use it fairly quick.

This is how I made my cat use the Simply Clean box in less than a week!

 Just like any cat owner who is irritated that his cat won't use the newly bought expensive self cleaning box, I forced my cats to use the litter boxes. 

But, never do this. This is a serious mistake. The cat can make negative neurogical associations with the box, and resent using it. Use the above mentioned method and your cat will start using the new Simply Clean litter box in no time.

How To Prevent Litter Spillage

One of the things that I don't like about this automatic litter box is that it doesn't come with any cover.

You cannot even buy lid as an add-on. If your cat is a furious digger who wants to cover the waste, you are set for trouble. Read this article if you want to make your cat stop kicking litter out of the box

But, there is a solution for that. Invest in a litter mat. I recommend you purchase a larger mat that can cover a good area amount.

Place it underneath the cabinet system and there won't be any litter tracking across your household anymore. Also you can tape a folder around the plastic litter ring. This will prevent kicked litter falling on the floor.

How To Keep It Running

Once you slightly take out the trash can out of the unit, the automatic box will stop working.

No matter if the AC Adapter is plugged inside the product, it won't run.This is why you should always, always keep the waste container tight and snug inside the litter box. 

Because the unit is very quiet while it is cleaning itself, I recommend you check whether the waste container is tightly pressed upon the unit.

How To Keep It In Excellent Condition

If unplugged, this unit cycles 24/7. This is good, but in certain cases.

If 3 or more cats are using this product, or if your cat defecates and urinates unbelievably quickly. But, there is a problem with this. It can tire the motor out completely. I recommend unplugging it once in a while. I use a timer.

I make the self cleaning box run for 3 hours (read it as 3 cycles) a day. This is more than enough for all the waste to be scooped and thrown in the waste compartment. If you do this, you won't have any durability issues with the product.

How To Clean It

Every 5 months I recommend you disassemble the complete unit and clean it in detail.

This way you let go of any stuck litter and waste inside the conveyor system. You should also oil the tray rollers with WD40. While cleaning, never ever expose the electronic parts of the device with water or cleaning solution.

I Recommend It For

  • Cats weighting less than 15 lbs (6.5 kg)
  • Cats who are older than six months
  • To be used with less than 3 cats (average sized)

I Don't Recommend It For

  • Large cats who are 15 lbs+ (6.5 kg)
  • Felines who urinate and defecate more than normally
  • If you don't like throwing the waste bin every day

PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box Accessories

There aren't any PetSafe Simple Clean litter box accessories. My cat Garfield values privacy. So I couldn't get him PetSafe simply clean litter box cover for this great litter box. Other self cleaning litter boxes like the ScoopFree Ultra litter boxes had some add-ons that improved the user experience.

Those were accessories like: Covers, entry steps, litter mats etc.

However, other than that this automatic litter box does an excellent job. All of the required parts come with the product. You don't even need PetSafe Simply Clean litter box accessories for this box to function up to it's potential.

If you are having a problem with some fundamental product part, you can go to their official website and order it. Luckily, this is a very durable product that comes with 1 year warranty. All of the broken parts will be replaced with no cost, with free shipping!

The best part is that they will replace your broken parts for free even after the initial one year period is gone. The customer service is marvelous.

The PetSafe Simply Clean litter box accessories like the Replacement Adapter, Replacement Motor and Replacement Conveyor can be bought directly from their website at an affordable price.

Replacement Motor for Simply Clean Litter Box

The replacement motor for Simply Clean litter box comes in handy when your self-cleaning box stops rotating.

I've had my box for over a year now. I haven't had any issues with the motor whatsoever. Probably the main reason why I didn't was because I only set this box to cycle for 3 hours a day. If your box is active and cleans itself 24/7 your motor may stop working after a certain period of time.

However, this is not the only way to treat the motor right. If you use bad and cheap litter for the bowl, it will break the motor. The replacement motor for Simply Clean litter box is actually very affordable. The PetSafe company says that the motor needs replacement every 2 years (24 months).

replacement motor for simply clean litter box

If you are already using premium clumping litter and still have issue with the motor, consider using a litter that causes less dust. If you are still having issues with the motor, you should disassemble the big automatic litter box and clean it in great detail.

This way you shouldn't have any issues with the motor. If you still have issues and you are tired about buying replacement motor for simply clean litter box every month, contact the PetSafe Support Team. They will take care of you!

Simply Clean Litter Box Conveyor Not Working

If your Simply Clean litter box conveyor is not working, read on. Does the conveyor belt (elevator belt) has stopped working? Does the elevator have difficulty throwing the waste in the trash bin? Don't be scared. 

You may experience litter box conveyor issues.

All you have to do is purchase a Simply Clean litter box conveyor replacement part. If you are still inside that 1 year warranty period you can contact the PetSafe support team. They will send you a completely new conveyor without any shipping costs.

If you have multiple cats use the Simply Clean automatic box, your conveyor part may be more open to damage. They usually need replacement after 2 years of 24/7 use. In my experience I haven't had any issue with the conveyor.

I've read about product customers stating that their Simply Clean Litter Box conveyor is not working. They may be using the wrong litter. Or they simply don't disassemble the unit every now and then and clean it in detail.

However, the conveyor replacement part is pretty affordable.

simply clean litter box conveyor replacement

Your wallet won't be hurt if you just invest in a new one. Just like any other self-cleaning litter boxes, parts die due to excessive use. Don't be frustrated if some part of your product stops working after 2 years of use. Be grateful that there are affordable replacement parts that you can get, or even get replaced for free.

If you want a non-electronic litter box that does somewhat the same function as the Simply Clean litter box, go for the Omega Paw litter box or the LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box.

​PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box Making Noise

If your PetSafe Simply Clean litter box is making noise, don't stress out. It is normal to hear it working. But, there shouldn't be any excessive noise. This can cause your kitten stop using the litter box

If there is, there may be problem it three areas: You don't use premium clumping litter. If you use the cheap, dusty litter it may cause problems with the elevator.

But what if you use the recommended type of litter and still hear some loud noise? Then check whether the conveyor is working properly.

Remove the plastic cover above the elevator and check whether the elevated ramp has trouble disposing waste in the trash bin. If there is trouble, the conveyor may need replacement.

Usually the PetSafe Simply Clean litter boxes start making noise when the motor and conveyor need to be replaced. This is usually before the motor and conveyor completely stop functioning. If there is some kind of problem with the rotational cleaning process, the motor maybe ready to be changed.

But, if you are still in that 1 year warranty time, it would be clever to contact the PetSafe Support Team and describe your issue. This won't cost you anything. They will only help you fix the issue.