Top 3 Cardboard Houses For Cats

In this article you'll find out whether cardboard houses for cats satisfy the cat's needs. Cats aren't complicated. All they want to have is a lifestyle which is fun, and does not create any kind of problems for the people that they surround themselves with. However, cats are also fairly choosy and do not give up easily when their wants aren't quite satisfied. It could be their share of food, or even the fact that they do not have a place to sleep.

Usually, they hijack places where most of the other pets sleep, or they could simply start sleeping on your own bed, which would end up creating a lot of problems for you. To stop this process, you have to ensure that he or she has a dedicated place to sleep and play around. Cardboard houses for cats provide just that.

So, at this particular context, you could understand that going for accommodation in the form of cardboard houses for cats will be a good thing. Primarily, one of the best reasons as to why people seek out such kind of houses is the fact that the cats will be able to have their own place that they can call their own. They won't let all the other pets get into that accommodation. It is a wonderful idea, as cardboard cat houses are extremely easy to purchase, and they are pretty much affordable for any person with limited means of income.





cardboard houses for kitten

Recyclable Cardboard Cat House Scratcher


19" Long x 15" Wide x 13.5" Tall

Companion Gear 70070 Cat Scratcher House


14.2" Wide x 15" Long x 14" Tall

Ayada Cardboard Cat House


21.5” Long x 16” Wide x 22” Tall

Should You Settle For Cheap Cardboard Houses?

Cardboard Houses For Cats

Cardboard houses for cats should be good enough so that you do not end up getting a product that is not functional, and does not have any kind of longevity to it.

Even the small amount of money that you spend on purchasing a cardboard house should be good enough in order to house your cat for at least a months or even a year.

 If it does not even achieve that, then what you have in your hand is a bogus product that isn't even worth spending a single dollar behind it.

As you probably know, indoor cats are extremely active creatures, especially while they're young. My cats were all over my favorite furniture, jumping all around the cat trees etc. If you don't provide them a place where they can play, then you're set for a disaster.

If these are feral cats, then they require outdoor cat houses which are good in terms of quality, and do not create any kind of problems for them. Of course, this may seem to be frivolous, but when you have cats with you, you realize that almost anything that they do is totally dependent upon their mood.

So, should you settle for a cheap cardboard house for cat?

Of course not. Would you like to purchase an extremely cheap house for your child? This is a question that is infuriating a lot of pet owners, simply because of the fact that this is bordering on hysteria, as the person would not be able to take good care of their cat.

This is the reason why more and more people are now trying to look into purchasing high quality cardboard houses for cats. They are not only good in terms of looks, but also has the proper functionality in order to serve it for quite some months.

Advantages Of Cardboard Houses For Felines

                                                                                           One of the primary advantages when you have cardboard houses for cats to scratch is the fact that they do not end up bruising your legs when they need to scratch something. Of course, kittens as well as grown cats have a tendency to scratch the surface of anything that feels will help them in order to take care of their nails.

This is a primary tendency, and there is very little that you can actually do in order to get rid of it. However, if you have a cardboard house for cats, that can be extremely vital for your cat to scratch on its surface. This way you end up saving yourself a lot of trouble of having to purchase an expensive sisal scratching post for your cat.

Moreover, by making proper use of a cardboard house for cats, you would provide a proper place for your cat to sleep. At the same time it would be able to keep its nails properly filed, and without any kind of external help. It is of the understanding that cats are extremely active, and they simply like to play around the cardboard house without a care for anything.

So, it also becomes important for you to maintain a cardboard house for cats that is not only good in terms of functionality, but also ensure that there is no hostile environment for the felines all throughout the house. It will be a wonderful way for you to take care of your cat, while also providing a proper place for the cat to sleep. There are also lots of cat houses with tunnel that will be extremely fun for your cats to play in.

Companion Gear 70070 Cat Scratcher House Review

When you think about the perfect holiday house in order to give to your cat, then this cardboard product should come to mind. It is the perfect representation of a holiday that you would be able to find in a cardboard box house. It also comes with an additional play toy along with catnip that can be used in order to keep your cat attracted to it.

You would be able to stimulate the interest of the cat in such a manner that he or she would not be able to even fathom leading that particular place. 

Having designated places in your cardboard pet house where your cat can satisfy it's scratching needs is not a bad idea at all.

Moreover, the fiberboard is excellent in terms of functionality, and will not be able to have anything out of its place, as it does not make use of any kind of staples or even glue or tape. It simply slides into place, thereby providing full functionality and form to the entire cardboard cat house.

The one disadvantage that people has when purchasing this cardboard unique cat house furniture is that they would need to frequently fill up on the catnip, or else there are going to be a lot of problems in order to keep the cat in that particular place.

Apart from that single issue, there is absolutely nothing that can go against purchasing this cardboard small cat house for outside and inside. Moreover, it comes from a proven and amazing cat supply products manufacturer, and therefore you can be guaranteed of getting a solid cardboard pet box.




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Recyclable Cardboard Cat House Scratcher Review

When you are an environmentally conscious person and also want the best for your pets, then the recyclable cardboard cat house scratcher comes into play.

Made out of the environmentally friendly material of Kraft paper and cardboard that is highly correlated, this high quality product will definitely be able to satisfy the needs of your cat in order to get a space to sleep and play. 

Moreover, it is a two in one design. This corrugated cardboard cat house can double up as a sleeping place, while at the same time can serve as a scratching post for your cat.

The manufacturing of this cardboard cat furniture is done in such a manner that it will be able to keep the cat interested in the product with the different kinds of play toys that it has. The durable corrugated boards will be able to hold a lot of wear and tear that will be sustained by the cat over a certain period of time. Unusually fun, this particular product can hold a maximum of 10 kg, so a small cat should be more than enough for this particular playhouse.

This corrugated cardboard cat condo also comes with a user manual so that you will be able to readily assemble it, and ensure that it is up to the given standards. However, before purchasing this cardboard cat house, it would be a good idea for you to measure your kitty and then purchase the product according to the dimensions.

One primary disadvantage with this cardboard cat mansion is that people without the gift of assembling a product would not find it to be a justifiable buy. Therefore, if you are interested in this cool shaped kitty condo, it is very important for you to have a sense of assembling a product. Without it, there would be no joys in purchasing the product for you cat. Also, some people think that this is a DIY product that even your youngsters can make. But, if you've read the product features and characteristics, you'll love every cute shape of this cat furniture.




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Ayada Cardboard Cat House Review

The basic premise of a cardboard house for cats is to ensure that it maintains an ecological balance, while at the same time act as an activity / play center for your cat as well.

Ayada Cardboard Cat House not only looks good, but also seems to be futuristic, which will be able to provide a durability as well as an eco-friendly solution to your cat.

Since it is made out of corrugated paper, this cardboard furniture for cats looks wonderful, and it can be easily molded according to the design if you have a good idea as to the type of designs that you would want it to be.

The best part of this cardboard cat house is the fact that it has scratching design. Cats love scratching on cardboard surface. According to the preference of your cat, there are scratching boards that can be placed horizontal to that particular cat condo. This is exclusively for the purpose to let your cats scratch away and explore the cardboard house without a problem.

The easy setup which comes with a user manual is definitely something that is hands on, and you will be able to enjoy the activity without any kind of issues. Moreover, the design is also such that it is attractive, and can come with neutral colors, which makes it a recommended feature for people that would want to include this cardboard cat house within the interior décor.

Taking care of a cat can be a bit hectic, particularly if the cat is not housebroken. With providing the cat with its own sleeping place, you would be able to designate a certain area to be free from any kind of nuisance, and you would be able to pet your cat very easily.

One of the only disadvantages to the use of this cardboard cat house is that the cost is a bit on the higher side in comparison to any other that you can find in the market. Apart from that, there is no quality related issue with the product. Therefore it is a product that you would be very excited to buy. After all, it is your cat’s pleasure that is to be taken into account.




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How Good Are Cardboard Cat Houses For Winter

cardboard cat houses for winter

The winter season is particularly harsh on pets, and therefore as a cat parent, it is very important for you to take proper care of them.

After all, they do not have any other person to look up to other than you in terms of getting food and comfort. You would need to fulfill your duty to your best level.

Therefore, purchasing cardboard cat houses for winter is the best way for you to ensure that your cat will be able to remain safe and secure within the confines of the cat house, even if there is snow fall when you keep your cat outside.

Of course, there are also a lot of owners who would say that purchasing cardboard boxes is more than enough in order to house your cat during the winter season. You can't really make a DIY cardboard house suitable for winter conditions.

What they need to realize is that without proper heating solution, the cat would freeze to death. This is the reason why purchasing cardboard houses for cats for the winter season is primarily important as it will be able to save the owner a lot of trouble, and also ensured that the cat will be safe and secure during the winter season.

Winter in the northern hemisphere can be pretty harsh, and having cats at that particular place can actually be a very bad thing for a lot of owners. Therefore, the onus is on them to ensure that they take care of the cats by providing the cardboard houses for them during the winter season.